Project Oasis is a top secret scientific research idea. Its main idea is to remake the great sahara desert into a habibatle area. Here are the phases for the Plan:

  • Phase One: Clearence: Clear the area of residents; Plant atom bombs in random,Unhabited places and detonate them;Blame the explosions on terorists.
  • Phase Two: Clensing:Clean the craters and make them non radioactive; Cement the craters after clensing; Fill cemented craters with salt water and at bottom plant Giant filters.
  • Phase Three: Populate; Put plastic Circle(s) on water;Build on circles citys;Populate water with fish;Populate Citys with people.
  • Phase Four: Overpower: Citizens will now feel free to go about there buisness:Build Walls around area around water citys; citizens will rebel, destroying all proof of red nation.L'et them win,they will then after that make there own country.
  • Phase Five:Worl- ar- ee-; No information available.All info will not be revealed.

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