Team 8 is a group of cammandos.

here is a list of team 8:

1:Green;Leader;took charge at first simulator

2:light blue;Sniper. does dangourous deeds.

3:Red;scout,took out falcon in 1st mission

4:Purple/white;MIA twice. heavely damaged yet still fighting.

5:Maroon;heavy.1st colored trooper

6:Yellow;scientist.makes new armor inhancments to teammates.

7:Light green/safire;translator/scout;crazy

8:Orange;peacekeeper;often gets in trouble 4 having that trait.

0:Silver; The creator of team 8 and also teacher

Y:Greenish yellow;driver of Team 8's ship.Very adventurous

X:Black;assasin.created by 0.inhanced by 6.Team 8's inforcer/backup.

Camera head: co pilot of Team 8s ship.MOstly confused;fallows simple camands.

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